at long last...

I got home from church today, and in lieu of taking a Sunday nap, ate an open-faced basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella sandwich on sour dough bread and decided to post some long-awaited pictures of my new digs. I moved from the apartment I shared with JHM in Durham at the end of April to a place in Chapel Hill owned by my friend Dr. AW. It's a pretty posh place with lots of room:
On Saturday, Jordan and I started out the day at the Carrboro Farmer's market. Carrboro is a town adjacent to Chapel Hill, home to Carrburrito's (one of our favorite restaurants), and will no doubt vote 100% for Barack Obama come November. It's a great little place full of hippies and is known to be one of the most liberal towns in the south.

We also stopped by the dental school, and Jordan let me pretend to be a dental student and do some class-2 preparations. Way more fun (and more difficult) than it looks. The dental school's facilities are really nice and I enjoyed seeing where JLO spends ~70 hours a week.