I should be packing. Technically, I should have packed a few hours ago and now I should be sleeping. But I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from the Jackson Family Vault (JFV) that I've scanned in the past few days. Most of them are from the early early days. Lots of Matty J in diapers.

I'm rather in love with this photo
And this one too. Grandpa J holding Matty J.
A few other pics of grandfather with his first grandson.
Matty getting a bath in Cali.
This series of photos is also one of my favorites so far.
Curly and blonde. Who would've thought?
I look stressed. And they look like they're hiding something. They were probably daring me to do something dangerous. Or swinging me too high. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Next post: Colombia. I swear.


At what age does he go from being Morgy-boy to Morgy-man?

Our little Morgen is having a birthday today, and I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of him... some are well known, while others are secret treasures I've only recently discovered.

Morgen, the grandson
Morgen, the twinner
Morgen, the birthday boy
Morgen, the superhero
Morgen, the adventurer (yes, he's always been that way)
Morgen, the reverent cake-eater (I guess... I wasn't around yet)
Morgen, the pea-picker
Morgen, the boy who lived in Morgan
Morgen, the sleepy-head on the awesome shag carpet

Morgen, the sports enthusiast
Morgen, the pea-picker, but with sweet sunglasses

Morgen, the ocean frolicker

Morgen, the wind-swept Floridian
This is perhaps my all-time favorite family photo. It says so much. Dad had us washing off oranges near the pool. I don't remember a lot, but I know it took all day, and by the end, Morgen had spelled out "this sucks" with all the clean oranges.
Morgen, the accomplished violinistMorgen, the very sweet son
Morgen, daddy's helper
Also one of my favorites, because Morgen is bursting with joy (maybe tears?) at the birth of his littlest sweetest sister.Morgen, the great brother
Morgen, the best Funcle ever.

We love our Morgen, and are so thankful for all the wonderful, and often thrilling memories because he's been a part of the Jackson Seven. Happy birthday, Morgy-boy.