Happy Birthday to the girl with a Life Uncommon

It's still technically 11:55pm Pacific time, so I am officially posting this before the birthday girl's birthday has come to a close. Liss, I'm glad I've gotten to be a pretty integral part of your first 23 years. Thanks for the friendship, the love, and the example of a life uncommon! Cheers!


I'm trying to keep up with the New San Francisco Treat, so I'm posting again (gasp!) -- this time with a few pictures and an update on my working situation (sort of), in case anyone wants to be in the know. First, here are a few picture from my friend B's birthday party a few weeks back. Love the theme parties. This one was an indoor lawn party.

We also went to Wilminton this weekend to cheer J&S on as they ran a 10k... (and because we wanted to go to the beach)....

And now, I'll give you a clue about where I am currently working: it is the only United States university designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here's another clue:
Okay, so it's UVA. My boss at Duke was appointed as the Chief of Cardiology at UVA, so he up and moved his whole lab. He really wanted me to come work for him up here, but I don't exactly want to relocate just now, so he made me an offer I couldn't refuse (I don't work for Michael Corleone, just so you know) and now I'm working up here two days a week and working back at the other lab at Duke a few days a week. It's quite the commute (three hours each way), but they put me up in a hotel and it's a beautiful drive. So far so good.