Patio Renovation

We have a lovely patio that we are embarrassed to admit allowed to fall into disarray. A pile of leaves lived in the corner, and the pollen that had fallen so thickly this past spring still clung to just about every surface. So we decided, in preparation for cooler weather, we would spruce up the joint. World Market was having some great sales on outdoor furniture, so we took advantage and bought some Adirondack chairs and a little matching table. We also got a potted plant (some sort of cane?), planted a few other things we've had on hand for a while, and scored a few very inexpensive but lovely accessories. And voila. The den, as Jordan likes to call it.

We've eaten several dinners "out" on cooler nights, and had some friends over to cook S'mores on our camping stove. We love it, and feel like we're only now taking full advantage of our lovely little apartment in Chapel Hill.

The price breakdown:
2 Adirondack chairs: $42.50 each (total $85) -- these are normally $100 each at World Market
Patio table - $25 at World Market
2 Outdoor pillows - $8.50 each (total $17) at World Market
Potted plant - $10 at Lowe's
Glass jar - $8 at Home Goods
Sea Glass - used a gift card at Pier One
Candles and mini-hurricanes - thrifted last year for our wedding

Total cost: $145!
Total savings: $175!!

Family in Philly

The Swiss Jacksons have officially made their move to the states, and Mariah and I were able to go up to Philadelphia and help watch the kiddos while M&E went house-hunting and car shopping. And then I got to go up again this past weekend to lend a hand and hang out.

First of all, I was a bit surprised by how much I loved Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Second of all, I've decided that if epidemiology doesn't pan out, I really wouldn't mind just teaching swimming for the rest of my life. It may be one of my favorite things to do, ever. Danny and Rachel are now official swimmers, love to dive for sticks, and really love doing a swan dive into the best night of their lives.

Mariah and I also visited Lancaster and Hershey, home of the Amish and Kisses, respectively. I do believe Mariah was in heaven at Hershey, and we both really loved the PA countryside.

We're all so glad the Philly Jacksons arrived safely on the east coast and hope the next few weeks are rather uneventful.