Wilma was weally wet

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When my parents were called and told they didn't have to go to work on Monday, and my sister's school was closed for the day because of Hurricane Wilma, I scoffed because the storm was so far away and wasn't all that strong. But we were all taken by surprise by its outer bands and the tornado warnings and huge amounts of water that hit us here in Canaveral Groves. There were power outages all day, the longest for about 2 hours, but we made Hurricane pancakes and weathered out the storm with no major problems... and Mariah loved causing wake with her little jet-ski man after the rain stopped. I love Florida.


Matthew Sederberg said...

Jen, what surprised me was that the outer bands of the hurricane even affected my broadband--my email is down because my hosting company in Florida temporarily turned off some of their accounts to limit any potential Wilma damage. It made me feel free as a lark at work since I didn't need to respond to anyone!

I know we're all wondering, so somebody's got to ask it: what's a hurricane pancake?

Ms Patriot said...

Heya, you!!
Cool, bloggie, I decided to get one too...I have to be really really careful in my myspace blog, 'cause Cindy reads it lol
Miss u!! You should really get a yahoo account, cause they have free im, it's super uber cool

gillian-c said...

Well, I guess going on an extended trip to Switzerland is one way to escape the "outer bands". Matt claims that said bands affected his e-mail. Could they also have caused me to forget to pay my parking ticket on time? I guess those hurricanes really touch us all.

In response to the "hurricane pancake" question, my first thought was: "Pancakes in a twister shape, of course!" but then I remembered that those would be tornado pancakes. My mistake. What shape is a hurricane?