two new recruits to NC

I know people don't come to my blog for the fancy words. Just for the pics. So here they are. Mariah and Matt both came to visit me in North Carolina during the past month. Mariah has already been to visit once, so we had to be creative and take her out of the state to show her a good time. And Matt was in town for a quick trip. We had no fun. No fun at all, Erin (you're welcome, Matt).
M and Me at the Carrboro Farmers' Market

Mariah preparing herself for the Olympic trials at Duke's pool. Marco.

Turns out Duke has a lemur center--
home to the world's largest colony of endangered primates.

There were also walks through the woods...where Mariah met lots of friends...

We also headed up to UVA, Thomas Jefferson's university. I'm apparently not quite as smart as TJ. The rotunda at UVA.
Michie's Tavern, home of very, very expensive fried chicken & mashed potatoes. But they don't have those fancy hats at KFC.Me and M squinting in front of Monticello.The beautiful garden at Monticello, with Charlottesville in the distance. Matty and me at K-ville after a rousing game of tennis.


Klabraham said...

Your little side comments were ridiculous- I laughed after each one. Favorites: "Turns out Duke has a lemur center" and "where Mariah met lots of friends..." Clever, clever. We, your loyal fans, who wait entire months just for one sign your blog is alive, do not come to seejaynerun35 for pictures, we come for your wit! I look forward to the next posting right around...thanksgiving should be on schedule! Loved the post!

Mariah said...

Question. What kind of lemur is best?
Fact. Lemurs eat beets. Lemurs. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
- Mariah Halpert

Mama J.here:
The photos are great,and your quip about going straight to the photos without a lot of words reminds me of the line in the movie, Little Mermaid, spoken by Ursula,"who needs a voice anyway, men don't like a lot of blabber!" I for one, love all the writing. So please, feel free to add as much dialogue as time allows.
Thank you again, for making this trip possible. Love, Mom

Mariah said...

Hey Jenny Jayne,
Finally!!! I've been waiting to see this post, I had a fantastic trip! Thank you Jen for such a fun time. I'll be back as soon as the Florida folks will let me :)