... and more waterfalls

This will be a quick post because it's bedtime and I have another three-hour drive ahead of me tomorrow afternoon. But I wanted to put up some pictures from our camping trip two weekends ago. The Melonaki planned a great little campout/hike for us and some other friends in Pisgah National Forest in western NC...

We got up there Friday night and hiked a few miles the next morning into the waterfalls at Harper Creek--two charming waterfalls that feed into swimming holes. The fun is sliding down the waterfalls to get from one pool to the next. The water was rather cold, but it was just hot enough outside to have it be refreshing instead of bone-chilling. 
and yes... Jordan knows Mitt's not in the running anymore. 

Stay tuned for pictures of my new dwellings.... as soon as I get my desk cleaned off. 


jen said...

okay cool but who is this jordan person?!!!!

jen said...

I remember the "mouse miracle" happening a little differently...more like I was standing on the bed trying not to scream while watching the mice run up the door frame in front of my face. Meanwhile you were running through the house with a box like a brave mother and scooped the little guys up and out of the house for good!