Who would've guessed...

I realize I still have pictures and videos that need to be posted from my wonderful Switzerland trip. And although most of my family members who read this would much prefer seeing footage of Danny and Rach, I have some great news to share... I'm getting married! My sweet Jordan proposed last night.

He popped the question at the Duck Pond in Durham, where we took our first Sunday walk.

The Duck Pond, as seen on March 9, 2008.

I really don't love broadcasting the details about this sort of tender thing over the interweb, but I just wanted to post a few pictures taken by our dear friends Janet and Steve after I said yes.

happy photo#1

happy photo#2

cheesy photo#1

cheesy photo#2

We are both pretty thrilled to have found one another, and are thankful to have such wonderful family and friends with whom to share the great news.


jen said...

Yippee skippee!!!!!

Andrea said...

I love the ring! Bill said I can come as long as I make enough money substitute teaching to pay for the whole trip. I'll start saving asap.

Tricia said...

Congratulations to you both! I was pretty sure, back when I saw you two together at Janet's reception, that the match was one I wish I could take credit for. Matt and I are very excited for you--marriage is GREAT.

Jennifer Washburn said...

Cute!! I'm so happy for you! And I miss you! Come to Utah...

Klabraham said...

Congrats Jenordan!

Love you both and CANNOT wait until May 2009!

Is there going to be an engagement website?

Jordan, I am willing to fly out to NC to help register at Macy's- I owe you!