I wanted to post a few pictures before I crash into bed... literally - I can't bend my knees very well right now.

I went home to Florida few days ago and got to have a bridal shower and hang out with Mariah during her spring break. The b-shower was lovely and tea-party themed, and I got to see all the dear ladies of the Cocoa ward, along with a few other wonderful friends. We ate delicious finger sandwiches and cakes, and drank hot tea from china cups. M made the delicious chocolate hazelnut cake (the third one).

We spent most of the time eating and laughing, and it was wonderful to see so many familair faces. And thanks to Susie, Phillip (our tea boy), and the rest of the Dornellas/Seibert family for helping me have such a special evening with dear friends.

Also, there was a birthday. And I celebrated it with good friends and several Kroger grocery store baggers and a security guard. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And then there was a half marathon in Charlottesville thrown in the mix.Before the race with our NC friends. Right before the finish line.
After the race with our NC friends.

The view of the mountains from our cabin just outside C-ville.

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Klabraham said...

The marathon pictures reminded me of the Office episode. Did you pick up any lamps on the way?