The Wedding Photo Booth

We got married! The sealing in the Raleigh Temple was perfectly North Carolinian, and thanks to all our wonderful and talented friends, we had an incredibly fun reception... more photos to follow. First I wanted to post the pictures our friends and family took at the photo booth Brittany set up at our reception!

My adorable nephew Danny

Marti, Ev, B, T, Ruthie - I think they may be quoting me...
Marti, Hilary and Ev
Janet and Steve - Winnemucca = the land of no action
Ev and Hil - Hil did my hair and makeup (Ev provided moral support)
Jordan's mom and stepdad, Lisa and Ringo
my high school best friends +2 - Neve, Heather, Sim, Ash, Sara, Rita and Eric
Curt, Rachel, Nick and B giving Jordan some sound advice
our lovely friends the Dibbs
my soon-t0-be epidemiology classmates (Brad's a third year, Anna's a second year)
my little sister Mariah (or Myers, as you can see)
my sister Klarissa and her husband Abe
so funny...
our D3 ward-mates...
my brother Matt, his wife Erin, and their son Danny J
Jordan's sister Chanel and her husband David
Jessica, Carla and Trusty
Ben and Suz, down from Baltimore
Melanie, Malachi and Kevin - sweetest family picture ever


Andrea said...

Could we not get 1 picture of you.

Kev and Chels said...

So fun! It looks like it was a beautiful day, from what I could tell from Gilly's blog. Can't wait to live close by in a year! And I'm so excited to have found your blog. You're hilarious, and so brilliant. Want to be my mentor? Congrats from the Kevin and Chelsey Gertschs

MBass said...

Congratulations on the wedding! Hope all is well. If you are ever in the city give me a call, it would be nice to see you. It's been forever. 321-960-4530.