Hallo von der Schweiz!

I arrived Thursday, 3 November and Matt & Daniel picked me up from the airport in Zurich. They live about one hour away outside a little town called Buchs and have a great apartment and a beautiful view. Everything here reminds me of the German part of Epcot center--but so much better. That night we busted out Boggle, which Erin has since become addicted to and drempt about. Yesterday when Matt was at work Erin and I took Daniel to the doctor for his MMR shot, and the doctor took all his measurements. Matt was pleased to hear that Daniel's head size is in the 25th percentile of average baby head sizes. He's perfect. Then we went shopping (grocery and otherwise--they have H&M here!) in Austria and passed by Matt's work in Leichtenstein. Erin's a great mom and Matt cooks great pasta (and is a great dad, of course). We don't have any concrete plans yet as for things to do while I'm here, but for the moment I just love being an aunt. I'll keep you posted.

the view

Daniel at breakfast this morning

A few highlights from my week in NY:

~ seeing old (but incredibly good) friends--Rita, Ashley, Simmy and Jason
~ going to Cathleen's soccer game (Columbia beat Yale 2-1 and Cathleen scored the first goal of the match)
~ dressing up as a road for halloween (thanks for the idea, Gillian)
~ the NYC halloween parade
~ eating pork rolls and having pearl drinks in China town
~ going to church and to the Manhattan temple
~ going to the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I had such a good time that NYC has also been added to the list of cities to which I want to move. It's that or the Palouse. According to Chef Neve, the city of New York has more restaurants than any other state... or something like that. It has wonderful culture and diversity, and there are always so many things to do and see. Thanks to my accomodating friends who made my stay there so great.

from l to r: Lisa, Will, Don, Jason, Ashley, me, Simmy, Jack, Sarah -- at Cathleen's soccer game

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your page. I was at the NYC halloween parade too. It was awesome!!!