streudels and bratwursts and raclette, oh my!

Turns out I really love Switzerland. And Matt, Erin and Daniel live in a charming little rural farmy town, so farmy that today we nearly got sprayed by the cow manure spraying machine--instead, we just got to smell the manure. But it really is lovely here. They live close to lots of other towns which we have spent the majority of the last week visiting. Yesterday we went to a town called Cohr and tomorrow we'll go to a fair in Liechtenstein and then visit a city called Opfenzell.

On Wednesday I ate my first authentic Bratwurst--on a piece of bread (no hotdogs buns for the Swiss!) with mustard. It was so incredibly good. And last night we all made raclette, a famously Swiss meal where you melt cheese in a grill-type thing and then pour it on your food of choice (ours was potatoes and salami). And then this morning I had a great apple streudel (a recommendation from Erin).

I'm thinking about going to London while I'm here to visit a friend who's studying there at the moment (I've never been) and I might also take a little side trip to Rome (also never seen the sights there). And then Matt & co and I are planning on going to Munich/Augsburg, Milan, and Bern during the rest of my stay. Cheers!

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gillian-c said...

Dear Ms. Adjetive,

Wow! “Charming” “little” “rural” AND “farmy”? I’ve got to see this place! I wish that you were waiting to do your Europe hopping until I am there in May/June! Your description of bratwurst makes me just want to jump in a plane right now! I wish I wasn’t so responsible. I have to admit, though, that I prefer bread with every bite. I remember one time in Germany eating a giant wurst (I’m cool; I abbreviate) that had a small dinner roll clamped around the middle in a sort of unconvincing way. Long live buns! (Please don’t quote that out of context). L8tr sk8tr.