Heaven... I'm in heaven.

I'm at one of my favorite places in the whole world-- my aunt's house in West Palm Beach. Florida is having great winter weather (sorry for all of those who are currently residing in more arctic climes) and the view is really breathtaking. We drove down to take my mom, grandma and aunt to Miami to embark on another one of their 'trips.' When those three get together, it's nothing but rioutous peals of laughter. I haven't seen my Grandma Amon in a while, so we've enjoyed reminiscing and waltzing a bit. She's a very dynamic lady. 81 and still traveling the world over.

Employment updates: I found out on Thursday that I've been hired on to teach windsurfing and kayaking at Hay Harbor Resort on Fishers Island, NY this summer for two months. I really don't know too many details, but from what I understand, it's a posh summer resort for kids. My duties will include, um, teaching windsurfing and kayaking. But I'll also do on-the-side tutoring, lifeguarding, babysitting, chaperoning, etc. I love windsurfing, and I love teaching windsurfing even more, so I think it'll end up being the perfect summer job. I'm still not sure of my plans for the fall, but I've got some things in the works.

[Another round of crazy laughter from the Amon ladies] I love my family.


Sokphal said...

I love your pictures! You and your g-ma are so darn cute! And can I say that I am jealous that you get to be an instructor? How fun! Sun, the beach, smelling the salt in the air all day...want to take like a week off and come to Portugal with me and my friends in June? :)

Jules said...

I'm glad you're back--we love your blog and we miss you. Want to visit the Pacific Northwest?

your said...
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your said...
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