A return to my blogging ways

I've been put to veritable blogging shame by Gillian (not to mention her brothers and sister), who has posted 3 times since I last wrote about seeing my grandma in West Palm. No excuses, other than feeling inadequately prepared by high school AP English to keep up with such incredible writers. But the time has come to post again.

Some of the most exciting events of the past few weeks:

Calema Windsurfing midwinters! This is pretty much the biggest windsurfing regatta in the country (Napoleon, like anyone can even know that!) and took place at Kelly Park a few weekends ago. I didn't race (maybe next year) but I helped out at the event and had a great time watching international pros race in really strong winds.

This is a great picture of the start of one of the races -- there were more than 140 participants in all.

This is another amazing photo at the start of the race. The top three winners in the men's pro division came from France, Argentina and Norway (I think) but there were also lots of youth and women who raced and did really well. Next year, if you're not doing anything the first weekend in March, there's always Midwinters in Merritt Island, Florida.

A trip to the Keys! with some friends. I have no pictures to post at the moment because I didn't bring a camera (mine is still accruing international time in Switzerland with my brother and sister-in-law). Like usual, we packed a good deal into a short amount of time. We swam/waded out to distant isles (okay, just one isle), camped on patches of grass, played sports (lots of frisbee) and played random games made up by Janet and her friend Nancy. The best of which was the "make up names of new Keys" game. Responses included: Honk and Tonk Keys, Hank and Pank Keys, Door Key. Yeah... we had a lot of time to kill during car rides.

Work! The other day my horoscope said to keep future plans hidden (hard for me to do... E is for effusive, not elusive) but I'm really enjoying my job. I have evolved into the Executive Assistant/Office Manager (with the help of our IT guy Bob), which gives me a bird's-eye-view of how our CEO runs the company. I've learned a lot about business in the meantime--something I never thought I was interested in--and am figuring a little more out everyday. I'm still heading off this summer to teach windsurfing up north, but I will most likely come back in the fall to continue working at FYI.

If anyone is still actually reading See Jayne Run, I applaud your diligence and faithfulness, and will reward you by posting more often in the near future.


Jules said...

I'm glad you're posting! We like to keep up. Want to come up to the Gorge and teach us to windsurf?

Matthew Sederberg said...

Jen--Just checking in online to let you know I still like reading your stuff. It'll be fun to see you in a few days.

gillian-c said...

Yay, jenny! Way to post.