Go Cougs! and Weddings!

2 posts in one week -- I think I'm making some progress.

Gillian got married! She was sealed in the Spokane temple and had a very beautiful, hardy wedding reception in the Palouse of Eastern Washington.... complete with soup, homemade bread, apple centerpieces and apple pie. It was perfectly fitting for her and for Pullman, Washington.

She was a very beautiful bride. I must say that my favorite moment, aside from the actual ceremony, was when Gillian came into the full sealing room and just sort of sat down smack in the middle of the bench made for her and her husband-to-be Jonathan, leaving no room for him to sit down beside her. Everyone laughed (which was helpful -- we were already a bit weepy), she scooted over, and the sealing proceeded. Gillian's initials are now GCB -- which she is quick to point is a natural chord progression.

After the wedding, I drove down to Provo for various and sundry purposes. Klarissa hooked me up with a ticket to the BYU vs UNLV football game -- which was great because I haven't set foot in the LaVel Edwards stadium in years -- and it's been even longer since I've seen the Cougs WIN in the LaVel Edwards Stadium. It was a great game.
I also ran into lots of great friends, including some old-timers from my Villa days.

And Elder Glenn -- who apparently traded in his tie and nametag for a tight, white, cheerleader uniform. Who would've thought.

I also got a few very domestic-looking pictures of Klarissa and Abe... that is one good looking couple of business majors!


John Berry said...

nice to stumble upon a loyal cougar fan!!

Jules said...

Yaay! Jen posts! Great pictures and glad to know you made it.