a room with a view... of melbourne, not florence, unfortunately

This post is largely in response to a request, or rather a taunt, by Schmaaa? So just to prove I'm not lazy, I'm writing again.

This is a picture of my lovely office at FYI -- complete with a very ergonomically correct chair that I don't use properly because I always sit on its edge. And complete with a candy jar from which I purloined all the tootsie rolls before anyone else had the chance. Ah, the perks of the business world. I really do love the view though. The second best thing to being outside is being able to see the outside, I suppose.

I've been home from Fishers for almost two months now (holy vaca!). I miss the constant physical activity, but I'm trying to keep up windsurfing once or twice a week... definitely not the same. I did manage to wack my head on my mast this past Saturday... was it worth it, temp? was it worth it? Heck yes. I had such a great time.

And.... one nerd intimidates another! I went to Salt Lake/Provo two weekends ago - and fulfilled a small dream by getting to meet Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. Well, I wouldn't say meet... more like weirded out. I got to weird out Ken Jennings. I justed hosed up and got nervous -- I do this around incredibly witty people because I feel like my wit is no match for theirs. Janet, you know what I mean. My sister thinks the picture looks like a family portrait... I'd have to agree. Thanks, Deseret Book, for providing the perfect backdrop for my family photo with Ken Jennings.

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Michael Ries said...

I'm glad you got to weird out Ken Jennings. Holy Vaca indeed! Plus that picture of MAR is priceless, a little disturbing, but priceless. It actually brings a question to my mind, "what about that meeting later... about finances?...what if I'm hungry?!?"