keys and skis

-I had a breakthrough technology moment last week in the midst of a slightly challenging situation. After arriving at work, I used my keys to open my office door. About an hour later I realized I couldn't find the keys..... anywhere. Kind of reminded me of a time in Brazil when I realized as we were about to leave for the day that I had padlocked Sister Campbell and I inside our little house, and the keys were sitting outside on the ledge of the sink, about five feet away.

Sister Campbell fishing for keys with a fork tied to a broom handle

This time I wasn't so lucky, however. I looked all day and couldn't find the keys anywhere. I had a spare key to my car in my car (not smart... I know) and so I tried unsuccessfully to break in (along with my roommate Janet, a South Korean named Yung Guk, and a burly Duke police officer). No luck. As I was standing by my car, I decided I would try to call a local Honda dealership to see if they could make me a new key using my car's VIN. Here's the technological breakthrough. Janet suggested I text message 'google' and tell it/them what I was looking for. Who knew you could do this??? Seconds after I had texted "Honda Dealership in Durham NC" to google (466-453), I got the address. Who needs Garmin GPS when you can google? So I borrowed Janet's car, drove out to the dealership, and sent the nice Honda guy off to make my key, when I received another text message (not from google... although that would be cool technology: "You left your keys in the top drawer of your desk") from a coworker who had accidentally stuck my keys in his pocket and had them the entire day. I stopped the Honda guy in the nick of time, so no harm, no foul... AND I learned about google texting!

-As most of you have heard/seen by now, I had a great time with Klarissa out in Utah. I got to catch up with old friends, play a little soccer with the Irishman, snowboard, interview at the UofU's med school, and see just about the whole jackson clan.

The interviews went really well, but I'll have to wait until the end of March before I know my status [accepted/rejected/wait-listed]. I was impressed by the facilities (including the huge hanging artsy chandelier made to look like a DNA double helix when you're standing directly below it), and by the quality people I talked to. Dean Samuelson (Cecil O's brother) is the dean of admissions and talked with us for a long time before our interviews, and the other applicants were all pretty great. Most had graduated from the U or the Y. Of course.

- Just an update: I've interviewed now at three schools (UNC, GW, and Utah) and am waiting to hear back from any/all of them. I was impressed by all three, but deep down I would love to be a tarheel. Unless Dean Samuelson is reading this... then go Utes!


jen said...

random. i recently got into blogging and was looking up friends with blogs. I remembered that you had one before I even knew what they were. I go to your site and lo and behold, there I am in your most recent post. As I recall we had some pretty good key breakthrough moments too. Yea for you going to med school, I always liked that idea!!

Andrea said...

I've locked my keys and the spare in the car too!

Andrea said...
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