As we were planning for the HM, we serendipitously stumbled upon the Petit Bacaye Villa Hotel in Grenada, and were enchanted by the quaint thatched-roof rooms and the proximity to the ocean. We weren't disappointed - by the thatchiness or the beautiful ocean.

Our petit villa
The view from our place

We enjoyed being two of the few Americans/Europeans around, and staying a little ways from the capital and all the bigger resorts.

a church, being reconstructed after damage from a 2004 hurricane (Ivan, I think)

a view of St. George´s, the capital Our fancy dinner at BBs Crabback Restaurant

with the man himself one of several waterfalls on the islanda view from the center of the island Jordan made me dinner -Caribbean rice (topped with craisins) and fried plantains the view from our dinner table the famous Grand Anse Beach
a self-timed photo-the camera was dangling from a branch some of the tropical landscaping at the hotel
the hotel´s tree-top restaurant our cove our kitchen the landscape upon departure

It was a very lovely trip. We loved rustic Grenada - if we go back during tourist season, we´d love to charter a catamaran or get scuba certified and do some diving. But it was the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.


jen said...

Coolest Honeymoon Ever.

Jennifer Washburn said...

Looks so fun! And the pictures are beautiful!

Jenn Hansen said...

That looks like an amazing place!

Klabraham said...

Your HM looked fantastic! When is this blog going to become jointly owned and when is Jordy going to start pulling his blog weight?

Mariah said...

still waiting for a picture of the fist-sized moth :)