I've got some catching up to do...

We got internet at our house in Colombia! So without further ado, a few posts about the W, Grenada, and Colombia.

The whole Jackson family came to NC a week early to spend some time at a beach house in Corolla, NC. I don't have too many pictures, but if you want to see how much fun we all had, you can go here or here. The sealing in the Raleigh temple and the reception after were so beautiful and memorable, made even more so by the company of many wonderful family and friends. Our photographer Ivan, an old friend from college, captured the Raliegh temple, and the rest of the day, in the most brilliant glow--we are quite indebted to him for his willingness to fly cross-country and to take pictures that will remind us forever of our beautiful day. We also had so much help from incredible and talented friends - Alisa just knew what to do, Brit added her beautiful touch, Abby, Ruthie, Ev, Marti, Hil (hair & makeup), Gilly & Nance (so many flowers), Steve & Janet (risking their lives for the ribbon tree), Jordan's mom Lisa, Brad & T (food), Curt, Bryan G, Nick T... so many wonderful friends to help and celebrate with.

The Raliegh Temple

If you really want to see all 292 of Ivan's photos from the W, they are available for viewing here, and the password is jjwedding09. If there any photos you like in particular, you can order them through Ivan's website.

It was the perfect day.


Peppermint Patty said...

OMG--your pictures are beautiful! You look so happy Jen! :)

jen said...

What a beautiful wedding! I LOVE your dress.