long lost summer

Our Farmer's Market flowers! Yesterday was only the second time all summer I was able to go to the CFM. So I bought a beautiful wild-flower-y looking bouquet (I think I can only name one flower in the whole bunch).

Another wild thing? Totally this summer. We figured out the longest we've been home together all summer was three weeks. A couple countries and a few road trips later, we're glad to be back in our home together. We both start school this week. I'm a little thrilled to be a student again, and Jordan's got his alarm set for 5:30am tomorrow. Yep, he's secretly thrilled too. Atta-dentist.

Just a couple pictures before I head to bed. These are from Jason and Heather's wedding in Connecticut - they had a New England clam bake on the beach after the lovely ceremony.
I also had a great trip to California to visit Liss and Abe (pictures of which can be seen here and here. Oh yeah, and also here.) I had such a great time and can't wait to take Jordan back for the ROCKET BOAT!


Klarissa said...

Glad to see the blog was dusted off and is back in session for school 2009! Good luck in school and come back to visit SF (with Jordan) as soon as you can!

Brittany said...

Love the new format.

So classy!

(Love Capt's bib, too.)