On the road again

Jordan and I have taken a number of road trips in the past 6 months. And a few of them have involved crazy long drives in a crazy short amount of time. We added to the list by driving down to Gainesville on Thursday so Jordan could interview here. And then, as soon as he finished, we headed east to Cocoa to surprise my mom (Mariah was in the know). We drove up next to them while they were on a walk, J rolled down the window, and my mom screamed. Bloody murder. We were just glad no heart attacks were had. It was lovely to see them, although briefly. J flew out the next morning for another interview (Michigan), and I stayed and got to do what I love most... play in the water. I helped Mariah teach a windsurfing lesson (facilities and equipment courtesy of our friends at Calema) to some of her school friends, the proceeds of which were donated to the Leukemia Society. Pretty sweet service project. That plus Publix subs and a sail on the Hobie Cat (courtesy of pirate Philip) made for a lovely Saturday.

It was lovely to see these ladies again (I didn't take any pictures... this is the best I could do).
And now I'm home. In my cozy little apartment. Ready for a nice night of sleep at the conclusion of another road trip.


tkangaroo said...

Is there video footage of the screaming? That could be fun to show at parties. :)

Klarissa said...

Next time you plan a surprise trip, let me know. I would love to a) surprise mom 2) go to FL, 3) reclaim my old room. Glad you were able to spend time at home!