Switzerland, part I

We're home from our two-week Christmas vacation in Switzerland and a few surrounding countries! We had so much fun, and are very indebted to the Swiss Jacksons for letting us all stay at their beautiful home way up in the Alps. Pictures to come (we let some other members of the family be the trip photographers as they had acquired a fatty digital SLR. Pro: we didn't have to worry about taking any pictures, etc. Con: we'll have to figure out how to bribe them to get a CD/DVD with all the photos from the trip, and they have to send it from California. It could be a few days).

But we did get some photos/video from our day trip to Berg√ľn, where we took a lovely train to the top of a mountain and then sledded all the way down, about a 10 km trip. These pictures are courtesy of Erin's blog:
If you look on the right side of the map, we were the pink route.
Just to get an idea how fast we were going, here's a video Morgen shot while he was sledding down. The scenery was breathtaking.
More pictures to come, as soon as I can get them from the SFers. You know who you are.
I wonder if posting this picture will help me get them any faster?


Kev and Chels said...

Wow! That looks like fun sledding down the Alps! Where in suisse do your bro and sis live?

Ivan Makarov said...

Wow - how cool is that. I've always wanted to go to Switzerland.

All the places you went this year 0 that's crazy.

Enjoy it before kids show up and you can't even go see a movie.

Brittany said...

Get on this, Klarissa. I have to see all of your swiss family jackson delight.