Carolina on our minds... for a few more years, at least

Jordan had match day for his pediatric dentistry residency program this past Monday, and found out that he was accepted to Carolina! That means we'll be here for at least another 3 years, and I get to continue my program in epidemiology.

To celebrate, we had a party with our other dental friends/families, and I bought Jordan a present befitting a children's dentist.
If any Jacksons recall how much Jordan was into Danny's Lego set at the beach house, you'll understand his kid-like joy at receiving and building his new toy.

We also woke up Saturday morning to a winter wonderland, and decided to reenact a Switzerland morning by heating our house to the perfect temperature and making rösti for breakfast. Afterwards, Jordan finished constructing his eXtreme Offroader.

We've had a lovely weekend indoors (church was even canceled due to the 5 inches of snow we received) and feel fully rested for another week of dentidemiology.


Kev and Chels said...

Yeah! We're so excited! Congrats Jordan! So are you guys going to buy a house?

jen said...

What a fun life!

Andrea said...

so i meant to tell you to tell him congrats from us. I just never texted back because I was on the road and didn't want to kill anybody. micaela will be so sad that he isn't coming back and so will i since i wanted you to be a phd dropout so that you could come and play with me here.

Ivan Makarov said...

Congrats to you guys! Excellent news!

Now that your anniversary is approaching, perhaps you can pick a few pictures for me to print for you guys, as I promised.. Let me know!