tulips & ranunculi

We serendipitously celebrated Valentine's a little early--Trader Joes was selling tulips and ranunculi for a splendidly low price a week ago, so we decided to get some...

perhaps as a throwback to these tulips and ranunculi
They were very lovely and lasted a long time. And we had a very pleasant weekend-- Avatar in 3D (actually, last Thursday... can that count as the weekend?), a spaghetti squash dinner with my piano teacher, her family, and a few other friends, the temple and homemade Mexican tamales with Balbina, a long, accidental Saturday afternoon nap, another homemade dinner with some good friends, great church, a memorial service for someone's pet (long story), broccoli soup and lemon cream with our dear friends the Melonaki, heart-shaped jello, and dad's cookies (made by Jordan).

And best of all, my little sister started a brownie-themed blog! Pretty great, Myers. We can't wait for more stories from the Florida Jacksons.

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Klarissa said...

Thursday definitely counts as the weekend when you are a student! What beautiful flowers - I did not know you had TJs there!